Resin Coated Sand

Premium Quality Base Sand with semi rounded, smooth textured grains

• Warm Process; Fully Automatic, PLC Controlled 500 kg batch Resin Coated Sand Plant

• AFS Range: 30 to 90; Resin Range : 2 % to 7 %

• High Strength, Low Gas Emission, Good Flowability

• Fully Equipped Lab; Total Quality Control

• Precisely Controlled Sand Properties and Process Parameters; Reduced casting Defects

• Special Sands like Chromite, Zircon and Additives depending on customer needs

Fully Automatic RCS Plant

Resin Coated SandOur Resin Coated Sand for the Shell Process (Croning Process ) is manufactured to your exact specifications and are designed for today’s demanding foundry applications.

Our 500 kg Batch Resin Coating Plant uses Warm Process with Liquid Resin and is fully automatic. All operations from weighing, mixing mulling, cooling to final screening of the coated sand are PLC controlled with total control over various quality parameters.

Silica Sand is fed from 40 Ton overhead Silos. A proprietary Cooling system brings the hot Resin Coated Sand to room temperature by a gentle spreading motion which avoids Resin segregation due to abrasion.

We use best quality Resin and Hardner and additives from internationally acclaimed suppliers.

We have a capacity of over 1200 MT Resin Coated Sand ( Shell Sand ) per month. We produce all grades of Resin Coated Sand with AFS range from 30 to 90 and Resin from 2% to 7%.

Packing is available in 50 kg Bags and 1 ton Jumbo bags.

Customer Orientation

Resin Coated Sand for High StrengthFlexibilty and Adaptability is our hallmark. Depending on requirements, we can supply different grades of Resin Coated Sand for High Strength , Low gas Emission , High Permeabilty , Easy Collapsibilty , with Low odour or with Special additives. All types of Ferrous, Non Ferrous and Aluminium castings including Special applications like Water Jackets, Cylinder Heads, Gear Boxes benefit from our Resin Coated Sand by reducing Casting Defects thus saving costs.

For specialized application in Shell casting, Quartz, Chromite, Zircon or Olivine Sand are available. Special additives like Anti Veining Compounds, Iron Oxides etc can be added depending upon customer’s requirements.

Total Quality Control

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company but believe that Quality is not mere documentation ; it is an attitude which permeates from the top management down to the very last worker.

We have a fully Equipped Shell sand Lab manned by qualified professionals. Testing Equipment include AFS Sieve Shaker and Sieves, HTS and CTS Tester, Digital Core Gas Determinator, Core Hardness Tester, Digital Transverse Tester, Peel Back Tester, ADV Tests, Stick Point Tester, Oven, Muffle Furnace and Crucible.

Regular Testing and tight control over various parameter right from the mining stage through washing, screening, blending, drying and Resin Coating to Final packing and loading stage ensure consistency in quality.

Each batch is numbered and sampled; the samples are kept for minimum three months.