Qualicy: Quality is the Basic Policy

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company but believe that Quality is not mere documentation- in fact it is an attitude which permeates from the top management down to the very last worker.  For most customers, especially in metal casting industry, Silica sand forms a low cost item in the overall manufacturing process , but small variations in the sand quality result in big unforeseen changes in the final product. Hence Silica sand users are very particular about the source and the process; it takes a lot of time and effort to finalize a particular sand and once finalized, the buyers don't change the supplier easily.

Dimensions of Sand quality are many: clay content, Grain Distribution, Control of Fines, moisture, source consistency, process consistency etc are only a few of them. This quality consciousness cannot be limited to the engineers and Quality control people. Even the JCB operator who loads the truck or the laborer who fills the bags must be taught his role in quality consistency. We, at QIPL  understand this and take pains to ensure that our customers can rely on us.