• Semi Rounded to Rounded Grain Shape with Smooth Texture
  • Homogeneous and Simple Grain Structure
  • SiO2 > 98.5%
  • Excellent Crush Resistence
  • All Grades and Size Distributions Available

Frac Sand

Oil and Gas Industry uses Silica sand as Frac Sand ( Proppant Sand) to fracture sub-surface rocks to increase their permeability and thereby the yield of oil or Gas. Silica Sand is pumped with viscous water and added chemicals under high pressure into the borewell. This opens up new pores and pathways in the oil/gas bearing strata through which petroleum fluids can seep out. After pumping stops, grains of Silica Sand ( Frac Sand) remain in the rock cracks so that the pores don't close back under pressure.
Proppants used in the petroleum industry must meet very demanding specifications. The typical characteristics of high quality frac sand include:
• high-purity silica sand
• a grain size that is perfectly matched to job requirements
• a round shape that allows it to be carried in hydraulic fracturing fluid with little turbulence
• durability to resist the crushing forces of closing fractures

Our sand meets all these criteria. Frac Sand is a major market of Silica sand in USA and other countries but is in a nascent stage in India. But with more and more development of Petroleum resources in Rajasthan, esp the Barmer basin, this use will become more common. QIPL has the necessary capabilities for production and R&D in this field.