Filter Media Silica Sands

  • Effective Size Available: 0.2mm to 10 mm
  • Uniformity Coefficient: 1.4- 1.5
  • Porosity: 41%-43%
  • Mohs Hardness: 7, Sp Gr: 2.65, Bulk Density: 1.55 g/cm3
  • Acid Solubility < ).7 , Chemically Inert
  • Meeting all BIS & International AWWA, NSF/ANSI Standards
  • Customized Gradation Available
  • Washed, Cleaned & Dried
  • Free from Clay, Fines & Organic Impurities
  • Semi-rounded to Sub Angular Grains

Sand Filtration is a simple, efficient and reliable technique for the treatment of water.

Our Filter Media Silica Sands and Gravels are functional, uniform, chemically inert and clay free and meet the stringent specifications of (IS 8419 ( Part 1 ) :1977 and IS 11401 ( Part 2) : 1990 and International Food Grade Filter Media Requirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and AWWA Standard B100-01NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and AWWA Standard B100-01

In Industrial Water Filtration and Waste Treatment applications, our Silica Filter Media have the unique ability to absorb, suspend and settle out flocs, colloids and bacteria, as well as removing iron manganese, without excessive head loss. It is eminently suitable for municipal waste water treatment, drinking water systems, residential and commercial well drilling, and environmental monitoring wells.

Packing Available in 20 kg Bags, 25 Kg Bags, 50 Kg Bags and 1 Ton Jumbo Bags