• Coarse Sand IS Code 383, Zone-II Compliant
  • Silt <3% by Weight,
  • Semi Rounded Grains comparable to River Sand
  • Chemically Inert
  • Fine Plaster Sand suitable for Ready Plaster

Construction Sand

Need for high strength Ready Mix concrete has skyrocketed in India in recent decades. River Sand (Bajri) resources are depleting day by day and environmental issues will make availability of River sand scarcer and scarcer. In the Kolayat belt, paleo Channels of River Saraswati and some Tertiary Sandstone formations contain huge amounts of coarse Sand deposits which, after suitable washing, give low silt Construction sand falling in Zone -2 ( IS code -383) which is perfectly suited for high grade concrete. Thousands of tons of Washed ready stock is available with us at any point of time.

Our Ready-Made Plaster Sand with Fine grains gives perfect finish and pliability. It is an emerging Industry with huge potential.

Qualicy Industries is a registered vendor to the major infrastructure companies in India like L&T ECC, GMR, GVK HCC etc. Our sand Plants in North Rajasthan and Kolayat produce consistent quality, smooth grained clean sand.