Qualicy Industries Pvt Ltd

About Us

Qualicy Industries Pvt Ltd is a company engaged in the business of Mining, Processing and Supplying of Silica Sand to Foundries and other industries. Our activities encompass the entire spectrum from prospecting of suitable sand deposits to mining to high tech processing and transportation. Works are mainly based in the Kolayat region of District Bikaner, Rajasthan and South Haryana. We are the preferred suppliers to major Foundries of North West India who use high grade Silica sand with Synthetic Resins and other Sand Users.

Technical Expertize

QIPL is managed by a team of professionals led by Mr Lokesh Deep, BTech ( IT-BHU),MBA ( MDI- Gurgaon) who has over 25 year of experience in Sand Processing. He designs Sand processing solutions suited to peculiar characteristics of a particular sand deposit and its intended use. Many of the washing/grading machines designed by him are being used by washeries in Rajasthan and Haryana. Qualified Engineers and skilled operators ensure timely delivery of required quality sand to customers.We have developed in-house expertise for processing low grade sand into high value product through proprietary technology. Research and development of sand technology remains a core business process of QIPL. Depleting Sand resources in India and increasingly stringent environmental restrictions require a continuous focus on newer technology for sand mining and processing. All changes in sand processing systems have to be vetted by the customers and are usually done in partnership with them.

Automated Processing

Our Fully automated Silica Sand Processing Plant at Kolayat, spread over 10 Acres, has a capacity of over One  lakh Tons per yea, making us one of the biggest Silica Sand produces in North Western India. Consistency of Raw feed is ensured by Blending at Pit head and Slurry blending at Plant hoppers. Multistage Linear Motion Vibrating Screens with PU Decks, Rubber lined agitators and slurry pumps, series of PU hydrocyclones and  Screw Classifiers  ensure Clay content less than 0.1 % and Standardized grading and grain distribution. Chances of contamination of Finished sand are removed by concrete floored storage areas spread over 2 acres and neatly partitioned.

We have a PLC controlled Fluidized Bed Sand Drying Plant (Wesman Make) of 10 TPH capacity integrated with Three silos, each 50 Tons capacity. Starting from quality controlled selective mining and blending to the final unloading of trucks at the customers doorstep, QIPL maintains a strict watch on the quality parameters. We have a full fledged Sand Lab with qualified Quality Control personnel where a strict watch over quality variations is kept throughout the operation.