Welcome to Qualicy Industries

Welcome to Qualicy

Actual Qualicy Silica photo 20x

Silica ( SiO2) is one of the most abundant minerals on earth's surface but Silica Sand deposits suitable for industrial use are quite rare.

Not only high chemical purity but also many physical properties like roundness of grains, their shape and texture, size distribution and crushing strength are critically important. Silica sand is formed by broken quartz crystals through weathering and disintegration. Transportation by water or wind, many cycles of agglomeration and disintegration, leaching and washing and contaminations give rise to varied types of Silica sand deposits, each with its own unique properties. That is why the source of Silica Sand is critically important for most of its commercial uses, esp for Foundries and for Frac Sands. But no source can consistently provide a commercially viable sand without a suitable Sand processing system. It is here that Qualicy Industries, with its "prospecting to mining to processing to transportation" integration, scores over its competitors.

Source is Critical

For most customers, Silica sand forms a low cost item in the final manufactured product esp in metal casting industry, but small variations in the sand quality results in unforeseen changes in the final product. Hence Silica sand users are very particular about the source and the process; it takes a lot of time and effort to finalize a particular sand and once finalized, the buyers don't change the supplier easily. read more ...